Ecotourism holiday home

“Il Vile”, our holiday home, offers you ecotourism that is closely linked to the values and ideals of the Italian Group of Friends of Nature in Volterra.
The holiday home was created with the aim of offering sustainable holidays, at the best prices, in contact with nature.

Are you a young person?
Are you a parent with children?
Are you a teacher and do you organize school trips for your students, for scouts or school camps?
You have the opportunity to take advantage of ecotourism and spend sustainable holidays in nature.
You will experience the “Il Vile” holiday home by cooking and eating together, playing sports or playing outdoors in the large garden, socializing and having fun.
With the total management of the holiday home, you will take advantage of economic offers all year round and manage the structure independently.

What does ecotourism offer you?

Our holiday home is surrounded by the soft and green hills of Volterra, an olive grove and the beauty of the Tuscan landscape.
During the day we invite you to visit the places that characterize Volterra, our Etruscan-Roman-medieval city, while in the evening from the Astronomical Observatory of Volterra you will be amazed by the enchantment of the celestial vault, quilted with thousands of stars.

If the big city and the rhythms of work oppress you, taking a sustainable holiday in nature is what it takes and will offer you everything you need to regenerate and find yourself.
The uncontaminated area, the Tuscan landscape, the plants, animals and the sky – far from the bright centers – will give you unforgettable moments, lived in the holiday home of the friends of nature in Volterra.

You will be able to do physical activity outdoors, hiking in the woods, walking in the countryside on foot or by bicycle; considering that the entrance to the holiday home “Il Vile” is independent, the times during your stay will be the ones you prefer.
At your disposal you will also find tourist material to be informed about the area.
You can use the barbecue outside for a barbecue with friends or family, or sit around the fireplace to talk and socialize.

If you do not have kitchen and bedroom linen available, we will provide you with the necessary items for hire (with € 3.00 per person).

Our history as a holiday home

Our association, the Italian Group Amici della Natura di Volterra (G.I.A.N.), was born in 1978 when a group of people from the area came into contact with the Naturfreunde in France. So they decided to create the same reality also in Volterra with the aim of spending free time in healthy outdoor activities and in contact with nature. The founders looked for a suitable structure for the purpose and found it in the farmhouse “Il Vile”. Reduced to ruins and owned by the psychiatric hospital of Volterra, they worked there to renovate it and transform it into a holiday home open to all.

Our photographic archive still preserves the steps from the first years of its establishment to the creation of the section of the Italian Group Friends of Nature in Volterra. With the works, the house “Il Vile” was made habitable and since then hosts tourists from all over Europe every year, establishing friendly international relations.