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Who We Are

THE SECTION OF the G.I.A.N. of Volterra (Pisa) was born in the summer of 1978 on initiative of to group native of people of the zones that decided to found, following to trip to France where the same had as into contact with the reality of the Naturfreunde, remaining of it favorably impressed. The initial intention, at basic of the constitution, was that to allow the partners to spend the leisure time in healthy activity and to narrow contact with the natures. The founders’ group, in the same period search to structure by use to house of the natures. Gotten the concession of to farmer’s house, reduced to ruin, of ownerships of the psychiatric hospital of Volterra began the jobs of recovery and restructuring. Photographic file preserve the photos of the first years of constitution of the section, showing the conditions of the structure and the job brought ahead for his realization. Habitable surrender, has been able to welcome guests from Europe establishing friendly international relationships. Besides the tourist aspect the association offers, through its own thematic groups, historical and ecological walk in our district, astronomic observations, raced photographic and projections of slides and audiovisual connected to the developed activities.


Il Vile is a holiday home for groups, families, friends, associations, communities, holiday groups, scouts, school camps …

Il Vile is open all year round, located in a quiet position, in the countryside, and at the same time a few kilometers from the city. Here children can play safely completely immersed in nature, far from the dangers of the busy streets.
Parking is next to the house.


Staying in the house “Il Vile” it is necessary to bring both bath and kitchen linen and sheets. It is still possible to rent sheets with € 3.00 per person.

Board of directors G.I.A.N. di Volterra

The Council elected during the elections of 14-15 October 2017:


Marino Camerini


Sonia Mancini

Vice president

Maurizio Becuzzi


Maria Grazia Bartalozzi

Referents for cultural, social and recreational activities:

Venio Creatini

Rosanna Lazzerini

Giorgio Ricciardi

Liviana Cigna

Nicola Gabellieri

Referent I.Y.N.F.

Cristina Dei

Referent Group Amateur Astrophiles

Annalisa Fiaschi


  • Marzia Rosi
  • Damiano Dainelli
  • Eros Francella